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Welcome to Space Between the Gaps Films, an award-winning independent film production house based in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Our vision is to create authentic masterpiece films,
so that our storytelling truly connects with the audience.

Welcome to Space Between the Gaps Films, an award-winning independent film production house based in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Our vision is to create authentic masterpiece films, so that our storytelling truly connects with the audience.

Moon Juice Stomper

The Good Deed

Mutonia Burnout

Space Boy

The Otherside

Tek Know Butoh

Our mission is to produce low budget independent films at the professional level for today’s global audiences, telling unique Australian stories, structured around universal themes.
Our ethos is DIY, and is underpinned by three core elements that form the foundation of our business:


Critical to the success of our projects is the artistic freedom expressed throughout all phases of the creative process.


Essential to each project’s execution is our internal knowledge and application of all things tech.


Imperative to our filmmaking is the planning and delivery of professional business practices.

The synergy of all these three elements weaved with each other is our formula for success.

A love for storytelling,
cinema and truth

Eugene E~NRG


Eugene began his career as an artist over 25 years ago, during this time he has been a creative director, producer and craftsperson on multiple projects and events around Melbourne. Now working full-time as a filmmaker, he is an award winning screenwriter / director / editor / producer and has completed seven short-film projects.

Alexander Alexopoulos

Managing Director

After forging a successful career in professional workplaces, Alex uses his practical knowledge and vast experience to enable the business to execute its projects to the highest quality, on time and to budget. Alex provides invaluable insights to help navigate the realities of the independent film industry.

Creating excellence
is the reward

Engagement and collaboration emerges
through connection and curiosity

Melissa Popley

Project Lead

With a career spanning the retail, education and professional sectors, Melissa brings to the business an understanding of the importance of team building and team engagement. Melissa supports and assists in growing the company’s belief in respectful collaboration with all those involved.

Engagement and collaboration emerges
through connection and curiosity

Isabelle Young

Studio Coordinator

Isabelle has held positions in marketing and operations throughout her career. As media alumni, she has experience in start-to-finish film production and theory.
She is passionate about all aspects of the creative process behind filmmaking and as a studio all-rounder assists in bringing stories to life.

Stories are fundamental
to human connection

Michael Wszelaki


Michael has been creating 2D imagery since he first picked up a pencil at the age of three. During a misspent youth watching cartoons, he soon developed a passion for animation. Whilst specialising in 2D character animation, he is increasingly branching out into 3D. His work has appeared as a finalist in both the AIMIA and ATOM Awards.

Bringing static images
to life to tell a story

Audio has the power to
turn chaos into harmony

Mahiman Wadhwa

Sound Engineer

Having graduated from SAE Institute Melbourne, specializing in Audio for Post Production, Mahiman brings a detail-oriented and imaginative approach to creative work. With a particular affinity for film mixing, foley, and sound design, every project is an opportunity to weave together a tapestry of sound that not only complements but enhances the visual narrative.

Claire Nelson


​Claire is a filmmaker focused on telling authentic human stories. She juggles camera work with writing, editing, and directing a range of projects. Her flexibility bolsters her skill as a visual storyteller, while her keen interest in telling stories of different kinds of people has led her all over the globe.

Finding the heartbeat
of the story
Using time-based images
to tell meaningful stories and foster senses of place

Dr John Power

Visuals Producer

John is an award-winning artist, director, and producer specialising in large public media installations using real-time VR, AR, visual effects, and ambient screen media. John’s recently completed PhD combined new media practice and ethnography to develop design methods for using public digital screens for attention restoration and urban place-making.


In Loving Memory

Partners we love collaborating with include:
We at SBTGF are open to hearing from new collaborators and prospective partners, feel free to drop us a line or two…

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