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The Good Deed (15 min)

TYRONE is a near delinquent 11-year old runaway Aboriginal street kid who has been picked up by the police a number of times and this time instead of delivering him to Social Services as their code instructs, they decide to try something di erent and take him to his Uncle LUCKY to see if he will take him in. A er a bit of push and shove between the parties, LUCKY takes the boy in but TYRONE has other ideas.


Our aim with
THE GOOD DEED is to tell a contemporary Australian short film story that has a universal heart.


One of the authors of both screenplays – THE GOOD DEED and FIRE BOY is Aboriginal community leader Robbie Thorpe (Elder Duran Bunjileenee). All project development, consultation, cultural integrity and the authenticity of the project is overseen by him. Robbie Thorpe is a well respected

Aboriginal community leader and he can draw upon a wide range of Aboriginal people for advice and guidance whenever required. During the pre-production, production and post-production stages, this process of consultation in THE GOOD DEED project and consent with indigenous

people associated with the film will continue. Some story elements may change to accommodate new information and understanding as the story development unfolds. This has been a central part of the creative process for the project thus far and it will continue to be so.